Weekly Wednesdays~ Trance Dance





Wednesdays 9:45-11:30am

Blossom Yoga 315 W 18th St.

$12/person~~ Kids Free~~

This is a weekly intent Full facilitation to align you with the Highest Resonating Aspects of Self Discovery through Music & Movement. We create a Sacred and Safe container filled with Vibrational inspiration to stir the inner depths of your being and creativity.

The intent behind creating a weekly gathering is to honor the space and skin we are in ,in a devotional practice to activate the energy centers within individuals and the community. In creating a space for weekly movement practice we can unlock our minds by getting into our bodies and finding a journey within the music.

Music is geared toward current events and energies with a heavy EDM influence to activate all of your BEing! Much of the music is toned to the chakra frequencies. Playlists are made weekly to reflect the current time and space.

We are in a cataclysmic time in our evolution as Humans and dance provides a space to shake it up and out to allow more free flow within the expansive development of the world we are working to create!

Join Love of the Earth in some inspired play magic as we boogie and move. What more can we create in our commUnity??

Props Are Welcome in this Space!!!! (Hoops, poi, staff, fans, feathers, you name it) We have A lot of room for taking up space in this venue, so dont be shy!!

Show up as you are to open arms, and a judgement free container where all backgrouds and beliefs are seen and honored as equal!!!


Here is an idea of what this looks like…

9:45-10:00 Arrival and Sign in
10:00 Opening Circle and Intent
10:10-11:11 We DANCE
11:11 Closing Circle
11:30 Depart


One thought on “Weekly Wednesdays~ Trance Dance”

  1. My Dear Blessed Soul, Amanda…….thank you. I attended your Transformational Breathwork experience last Saturday as a benefit for Grace for 2 Brothers.

    I am still basking in the bliss of this truly soul-enhancing, and cleansing journey. My heart is open again. Bless you and your associates for providing a safe and nurturing environment for my journey.

    I look forward to many different experiences and joys with you and your crew.

    Blessed Be,


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